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Welcome! To view Silk Routes Symposium videos visit the Costuming In Color channel for opening remarks from Gigi and to watch the first several videos of the day! The Costuming in Color #SilkRoutes2023 Playlist has the first 7 videos of the event here and is also embedded below so you can start watching!

Links for each #SilkRoutes2023 class video are posted below. You can click on the class name in the table below to visit the YouTube channel and view the class video.

To learn about the historical trade networks called the Silk Routes or Silk Roads go to the UNESCO site here. It includes a great map to show the extent of these networks.

Class NameDescriptionTeacher
Opening Remarks for #SilkRoutes2023Opening remarks and gratitude. Also here on TikTok!Gigi
Planning Inclusive Costuming Events Pt ITips on planning inclusive costuming events and building equitable communities in costuming. Part I.Costuming In Color Alumni
Planning Inclusive Costuming Event Pt IITips on planning inclusive costuming events and building equitable communities in costuming. Part II.Costuming In Color Alumni
Cultural Appropriation: Identifying & AddressingIn this discussion, we’ll identify some of the different ways that cultures interact, including cultural appreciation, exchange, assimilation, and the problematic appropriation. We’ll talk about why cultural appropriation is so harmful, in both a modern and historical recreation context, and explore some ways of self-evaluating and addressing our own behavior to avoid it.Jessica
All the Riches of the World: Afro-Eurasian Trade Routes in the Premodern WorldA brief overview of the “Silk Routes” and “Spice Routes” – where they went, who travelled them, and what was traded along them. Elisabeth Beattie
What in the Disney’s Princess Jasmine is This??Deconstructing Disney’s Jasmine to fit Middle Ages-era Egypt. A personal costume turned heritage-reclamation project to reconnect, re-indigenize, and de-colonize in the midst of false information, myths, and prevalent Orientalism.Lady “LT” Toxie
Decolonizing Aladdin – Chinese hegemony and the Silk RoadAuthorship of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is, today, a controversial subject among scholars who study such things. What we do know is that is not part of the original canon of 1001 Nights. It, and many other tales, were added by Antoine Galland at the behest of his publisher… Read more!Leilehua Yuen
Hamadan, Iran & the Silk RoadA journey about and through the city where my family is fromHannah
Silk Production for Fingerloop BraidingThis class aims to share my research and reflections on sericulture and silk production.Masina da Ferrara
Mantua Makers and the Rise of the Female DressmakerThis class will explore the origins of opulent 18th-century silk gowns, tracing them back to the Dutch trade with Japan, and how their widespread adoption assisted the rise of female dressmakers… Read more!Juliet Braidwood
The Silk Road of the North – Silk Textile Trade in ScandinaviaThe Silk Road was an intricate mix of land and ocean routes connecting Asia (East) to Europe (West) from 200 BCE to 1700 CE, originating in eastern China near the coast and extending to Constantinople. However, there is a wealth of evidence that suggests silk traveled to Western Europe, Scandinavia, and beyond… Read more!Kerry Beckett
Hanfu – Journey through timeYour hosts will provide an insight of the types of Hanfu from the different Dynasties through out history… Read more! Sina & Frankie
Dressing a Regency LadyAn overview of the imported fabrics popular during the Regency Era. Followed by a get ready with me for a daytime, followed by an evening look for a ball.Marisa Z
Spanish Silks: A Historical OverviewThis class will be a gentle overview of the silk industry and trade in Spain from the Moorish empire to the late Renaissance. We will discuss the history of the industry as well as types of textiles manufactured, and a brief survey of silk garments mentioned in the historical records.Kate
History of Chintz in Latin AmericaWhat is Chintz, where is it from, and how did it get to Latin America? How did the Silk Road commerce provide the opportunity for Chintz to arrive in Portugal and later Brazil? How is Chintz used in Brazil is it part of Latin Cultural Heritage?Hairan Z
History of Madras in Latin AmericaWhat is Madras, where is it from, and how is it used in Latin America? Madras as a National Costume and our Cultural Heritage.Hairan Z
1000 years of Indian FashionThis class will cover the 1000 years of Indian Fashion, the effects of colonialism, the effects of consumerism, amalgamation of different cultures and the vision of the future.Maayankraj S
The Outsiders Who Redefined Beauty In The Middle AgesThe Silk Road provided an avenue for people of color from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Minor to break into the beauty, health, and artistic spaces, forever altering perceptions of aesthetic ideals… Read more!LaKase Cousino
Introduction to Kimono: A Brief Overview of Japanese Traditional DressFrom jūnihitoe and yukata to happi coats and hakama, kimono offers a wide variety of diverse and elegant traditional dress for the most formal of imperial robes to the most casual of loungewear… Read more!Erika
Learning medieval Indian fashion history (to make a book cosplay)While putting together a cosplay of Esha from “The Tiger at Midnight” by Swati Teerdhala – the book that sparked my curiosity about Indian fashion history – come with me and learn about what people wore in medieval India!Nami
No-sew Mediterranean Wrap DressJoin us in exploring the “No Sew Wrap Dress”. Learn how to garb up in this great summertime wear! We will discuss its use today and its use throughout the Mediterranean during the pre-17th-century period..Maria Beatriz
Historical Coffee: Turkish & EthiopianIn this video we will learn the process of making both Turkish and Ethiopian coffee from roasting the beans to the first taste. We will talk about the history of coffee and the importance of hosting coffee.Maria Beatriz
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